Product maintenance – Product Features and Precautions

GADGET4ENTERTAINMENT jewelry is made of 925 silver and stainless steel and each product is completely nickel free.

Normal daily use and external agents such as air humidity, temperature, pollution level, contact with cosmetics and skin transpiration can help reduce the surface shine and change the original appearance of the surface finishes. towards darker and opaque colors. The extent and speed of the phenomenon are not predictable because they depend on various factors. To keep it under control it is advisable to limit as much as possible the contact of silver and steel jewels with detergents, creams, perfumes and with pool water (chlorine) and thermal springs (sulfur); in general it is advisable to avoid direct contact with any substance containing alcohol.

Finally, a good habit to preserve jewels is to store them in single bags, soft and clean, in dry places, away from heat sources and in general protected from agents that could damage them.


In order to maintain the luster of the product, it is good practice to regularly wipe the surface with a soft cloth, paying attention to the finish of the jewel and to any stones.

In the case of particularly worn products, it is possible to use non-abrasive products specifically designed and used in jewelry for cleaning.